Monday, January 31, 2011


i chose this one for mother because this is my moms favorite decoration and its loving like my mommy!!


i love this picture because theres part of one of our family pictures in it and the stone beside it says families are love memories and laughter we share together

i chose this because it says faith and i thought i like the decoration alot


i chose this picture because i loooove how bright and pretty it was outside

i chose this because it was actually taken in my kitchen and its food and thats where food is usually kept...


i chose this picture because it looks really cold and its cloudy and snowy and it looks really gloomy

i chose this picture because i think its a really cute saying and its a cute decoration

i chose this picture for art because theyre colored pencils and are very colorful and it looks arty


i chose this because flowers remind me of romance like getting flowers on a date or for any special holiday..


i chose this picture because it has alot of different colors in it and is very colorful
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